English Sporting Results

English Sporting Results


Suffolk Sporting Masters – Sunday 17th June 2018
Champion – Paul Simpson

Ladies – Melissa Smith

Veterans – S Armstrong

Juniors – Ed Coppen

High Gun – T Couzens & P Simpson 96/100
Colt High Gun – T Durrant 79/100
AA =1st T Couzens & P Simpson  96/100
=3rd M Bowes & S Green  95/100
4th P Mastroeni  93/100
A 1st E Coppen  93/100
  2nd S Thexton  90/100
3rd R Calton  89/100
=4th PC Simpson, S Harrup & T Whomes  88/100
B 1st A Bonnett  90/100
2nd J Bonnett  89/100
3rd M Tee  86/100
4th J Bailey  84/100
5th S Porter  83/100
=1st C Sayer & R Coo  78/100
2nd D Wilder  74/100
Please note these are competition entrants only, a full list of scores will be available on the CPSA website. To claim any prize money please visit reception, if you are from further afield please contact us to arrange sending of any prize money.