Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our machines have a solo delay option, just select the button when you insert your card and you will get a 3 second delay.

The machine will also beep at you each second so you will know when to expect it!

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We have an on-site café which serves a range of hot and cold food and drink. It is he perfect place to warm up with a cup of tea between shooting, or to grab an ice cream in the summer months!

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Well behaved dogs are more than welcome at Eriswell Lodge. All we ask is that they are not allowed on any of our furniture and that all mess if cleaned up after them.

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We advise that you bring your license with you on every visit. Upon signing in for the first time you may be asked to produce your license to be checked, and it may be asked to be produced at any point upon signing in at other times.

In order to purchase cartridges you MUST be able to produce your valid UK shotgun license. We will not accept photocopies, and it will be required upon every purchase. Sorry no exceptions.

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We happily welcome shooters who are visiting the UK from abroad who have shot clays in their home country, due to our close proximity to the US air bases we are often queried about how they can come clay shooting at Eriswell Lodge.

Due to UK licensing laws, non-license holders must be supervised by a license holder so if you call us a couple of days before you wish to come shooting we can try and arrange for one of our licensed members of staff to come and supervise you whilst you shoot.

All we ask for the hire of the gun, and the supervisors time, is a donation into the charity tin that is on the reception desk. All other equipment (clays, cartridges & safety equipment) is charged for at our usual rate.
If you have not shot before but wish to try it out, then please contact us regarding one of our have-a-go sessions.
If you have any further questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us.

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You may use your own cartridges as long as they are no bigger than a 28g, 7 shot. We do allow both fibre and plastic wad cartridge.

Due to our boundary meeting arable farmland we cannot allow any cartridges larger than this to be shot, in any gauge of gun. No game loads are allowed, and if you are found to be shooting them you will be asked to stop shooting immediately.

We have a selection of cartridges available to buy from both Hull & Rio, in 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauge. Other gauge cartridges are available to order in upon special request.

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Membership can be purchased from our reception desk, if you would like a copy of our membership form in advance please pop us over an email and we will get one sent over to you.

Our membership takes clays down to 27p each, and a reduction in the price of tuition and buggy hire.

Our membership costs are:

New Membership Renewal
Individual £60 £50
Joint (2 people)* £90 £80
Junior (U16) £50 £40
Veteran (60+) £50 £40
Family memberships are also available, please ask for details.


*Please note that a joint membership can be 2 people of any relationship that live at the same address.

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No, we are a practice ground so we are open to all shooters during our opening hours.

However by being a member there are benefit, like cheaper clays/ tuition & buggy hire.

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Yes as we are a Section 11(6) exemption ground you may bring non-license holders along to shoot with you. However upon sign you must write next to their name that you are supervising them as a license holder. You will therefore be responsible for them at all times during shooting.


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We do, however we do ask that if you would like to hire one you call us at least 48 hours in advance so we can confirm with you that would you would like is available.

All we ask for the hire of shotguns is that you put a donation into the charity tin that can be found on the reception desk.

You must bring your shotgun license with you.

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You may bring spectators with you, just please ensure that anyone out on the shooting ground with you also has eye and ear protection.

Yes, we do require booking in advance so we can ensure the instructors are available for you.

Throughout the year we have periods which are exceptionally busy, so the earlier you can get a session booked in the easier it is to ensure the spot you want is available. This can be done by calling or emailing us with details of what you would like to book.

When a session is booked we now ask that a £20 deposit per person is taken to confirm the booking. If you cancel over 48 hours in advance then the deposit can be refunded to you, however if you cancel less than 48 hours in advance the deposit will be retained for the instructor.

Clay shooting is an all weather sport, so come rain or shine all of our sessions will go ahead. Please dress appropriately for the weather on the day, and bring extra layers/ waterproofs with you just in case the weather does decide to change!

If you have booked a session and the weather is sunny, then please wear footwear that covers your feet so no sandals or flip flops please.

The joy of clay shooting is that it is open to everyone, there is no legal age limit, as long as the child is strong enough to support the gun they are able to shoot. As long as they are supervised by a fully licensed adult.

For lessons:

All we ask is that all children have a parent/ guardian accompanying them throughout the session. And that they are big enough to support the gun on their own.

We have smaller gauge shotguns and lighter weight cartridges available to ensure that they are able to enjoy it as much as possible and start smashing clays!