Cartridge Limit at Eriswell Lodge

Cartridge Limit at Eriswell Lodge

Please remember that we do have a shotgun cartridge limit in place here at Eriswell Lodge.

Cartridges no bigger than a 28g 7 shot may be used, game loads are not permitted.

We ask that all shooters abide by this rule, we have it in place as we neighbor agricultural land which plants crops and vegetables.

If you notice anyone using the incorrect cartridges on site, please make a member of staff aware. Anyone found using these cartridges will be asked to stop shooting until suitable cartridges are found.

We thank all of our shooters for their cooperation with this.

Please note that shot size gets larger as the number gets smaller, so a 6 shot is not allowed but a 9 shot is. If you have any questions regarding this please ask a member of our staff.