Suffolk Sporting Challenge 100 Reg ESP – 30th June 2019

The last Sunday in June saw a sunny day for some sporting clays! The hot weather with the slight breeze meant some of the targets were keeping shooters on their toes!

As the challenge awards can be won by anyone, it was going to be a battle for all shooters to see who could come out on the top of the leader board! This time the honours would go over the border to Dave Gooding of Norfolk for the High Gun awards. The ladies trophy would also follow going to Georgie Tillson, again from Norfolk with the juniors heading over to Essex with Harrison Willis and the veterans to Cambridgeshire with Brian Dunbavin.

Our Class Winners Were…

AA Class Sponsored High Gun – D Gooding 92

AA Class 2nd – J Moore 89

AA Class 3rd – T Whomes 88

AA Class 4th – C Orrin 87

A Class Sponsored High Gun – J Norman 86

A Class =2nd – I Gunn, D Burn & G Peacock 84

A Class =5th – A Bray & H Willis 82

A Class =7th – Sam Nunn, B Jackson & P Garrod 81

B Class Sponsored High Gun – R Manning 81

B Class 2nd – W Tooke 80

B Class 3rd – Steve Nunn 79

B Class 4th – T Durrant 78

B Class 5th – G Wilson 77

B Class 6th – D Wright 76

C Class Sponsored High Gun – M Worsfield 69

C Class =2nd – M Bagnall & M Warren 68

C Class 4th – B Green 65

C Class 5th – R Kingston 63

C CLass =6th – C Sobkowiak, D Nash & A Barker 62

Sponsored Colt High Gun – T Durrant

Pool Shoot Winners – Page 1: D Gooding Page 2: K Hagan