Covid-19 Re-Opening Update on Numbers from 1st June 2020

Update on shooting numbers at Eriswell Lodge.

Firstly, please remember that this does not come into effect until MONDAY 1st JUNE 2020, and until then we are still operating on a maximum of two person groups without exception. Anyone not adhering to this rule over the weekend will be stopped from shooting and asked to leave the ground – no exceptions.

According to the latest UK Government information, as of Monday 1st June 2020 we will be able to operate with a new maximum outside group size of 6 people, regardless of residential address. This is a maximum group size, and does include all non-shooting members of the group too.

If any members of the group are not from the same residential address then social distancing measures of no less than 2m MUST be maintained – no exceptions.

Failure to adhere to this simple rule will result in you being asked to stop shooting and leave the ground. Please follow this rule.

All other procedures previously put into place to manage the Covid-19 risks at Eriswell Lodge will remain as before.

This does includes the ‘No Coaching’ requirement, and i would ask all shooters and coaches to please respect this – it is for your safety and that of all other customers and staff. If you are intending to coach or instruct at Eriswell Lodge, I respectfully ask you not to attend.

Should you have any questions regarding any part of this please get in touch.

Stuart Smith
Eriswell Lodge

For all other guidance for shooting during this time please see the news post ‘Documents with Information on Re-Opening’