Coaching at Eriswell Lodge from 4th July 2020

Coaching at Eriswell Lodge

Dear all,

We have been constantly reviewing the UK Government guidance on Covid-19, and are satisfied that we can safely resume coaching sessions from Saturday the 4th July 2020 (but not before) for individuals that are already competent in gun handling, and are not classed as beginners or novices. We are hopeful that sessions for new shooters will be able to resume in the future, but for now they are not available.

We ask all coaches and instructors to please follow this guidance on new shooters instruction.

All instructors and coaches that wish to instruct or coach at Eriswell Lodge will now be required to complete the form below.

We are also now requiring all coaches and instructors to prove show that they are carrying appropriate insurance, and to confirm that they are competent and/or qualified to instruct or coach at Eriswell Lodge. If we do not have a copy of this form from you, as well as visual confirmation of insurance, you will be asked to stop coaching and prevented from doing so until such times as these two basic requirements are met.

Due to the current Covid-19 guidance, we are also requiring that all coaches read and sign the Covid-19 Coaching Protocol, also available below.

If as a coach or instructor you have any queries regarding this please call 01638 534045, or email and mark the email for the attention of Stuart.

Please share this information to all those that you know that coach and instruct at Eriswell Lodge!

Kind regards,

Stuart Smith

Coaching Session Protocols – Covid 19

External Coach Form