Clay Price Announcement from 01/11/2020

Dear all,

Re: EU Legislation regarding manufacture of Clay Pigeon/Targets in Europe

The following legislative changes took effect from the 4th October 2020:

Under REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) authorisation provisions Annex XIV, Coal Tar Pitch was banned for use in the manufacture of clay pigeons in Europe from the 4th October 2020.

Following on from these legislative changes our clay target manufacturer and supplier, CCI, is no longer able to manufacture the coal tar pitch clays that we have been using at Eriswell Lodge for several years.

This directive will mean that when the UK leaves the EU later this year it will still not be possible for CCI to obtain coal tar pitch for the purposes of clay target/pigeon manufacture. Therefore, CCI has been developing and has now placed into mass production a suitable alternative that meets the requirements laid out by REACH, but has been faced with an increase in cost for components and manufacture.

We have taken the decision to begin using these clays, which have been officially certified by Exeter University as the following:

  • Eco Friendly Clay Pigeon
  • Environmentally Friendly Clay Pigeon
  • Eco Friendly binding resin

This clay has been extensively tested by CCI, and a film with George Digweed is available by clicking here. This film has more information and detail regarding the changes, including manufacture and actually shooting the targets to observe the breaks and performance with lead and steel shot.

We agree with Johnny Goodheart and CCI, as well as George Digweed’s views that moving to a more environmentally friendly eco clay will help to keep our sport thriving, whilst at the same time doing our bit to reduce the pollution of the landscape with potentially harmful products.

With all of the above in mind, and the price increase we also face from the manufacturer, with effect from the 1st November 2020 we will be changing our clay prices to the following rates:

  • Non-members 34p per clay
  • Members 30p per clay

Thank you.

Stuart Smith

Managing Director