Chapmans All Round 2020 Results

The 2020 Chapmans All Round is now completed for another year, and a huge congratulations to Henry Collins who shot an impressive 144 on Saturday!

In the categories Stuart Clarke claimed the veterans title on 141, in Junior Archy Stannard claimed the top spot on 124 and in ladies Nadine Gilder & Katie Durrant tied for the top spot on 126. We saw an impressive turn out of unclassified shooters, James Knights took the unclassified top spot on 133.

In the classes AA saw a tie for first between Chris Baker and Dave Gooding, another tier was to be had in A class on 138 between John Glover and Wayne Cook. In B class a 132 took 1st from Mark Lyles and in C class Ben Newstead topped the class with a 126.

We would like to say a huge thank you to John Dyson for organising the bookings and to the Chapman family for sponsoring 1st place and again putting up the Fred Chapman Memorial Trophy for the high gun.

Thank you also goes to our wonderful team of staff and referees for sticking out the weather and keeping all 4 days running on-time and smoothly. Also to all the shooters who have joined us for this shoot, thank you for coming and we hope to see you again soon.

Please click the link below to see a full list of scores, and all prize money winners are listed below also. Prize money can be collected from our reception, or if you live a little further afield please contact our reception team and we can arrange getting this to you.

Chapmans All Round Scores

Fred Chapman Memorial & Chapmans all round champion – Henry Collins – 144

AA Class

Joint 1st – Chris Baker & Dave Gooding – 143

3rd Place – Ivan Spencer – 142

A Class

Joint 1st – John Glover & Wayne Cook – 138

3rd Place – Jak Bonnett 135

B Class 

1st – Mark Lyles – 132

2nd – Chris Balham – 128

3rd – Lee Coe – 126

C Class

1st – Ben Newstead – 126
2nd – Oliver Bullman – 122

3rd – Carl Sobkowiak – 117

Veterans Class

1st – Stuart Clarke – 141

2nd – Alan Coy – 133

Joint 3rd – Eric Chapman & Paul Own – 129

Ladies Class

Joint 1st – Nadine Gilder & Katie Durrant – 126

Junior Class

1st – Archy Stannard – 124

Unclassified Class

1st – James Knights – 133

Joint 2nd – Tom Webb & Richard Newstead – 129