the Results are in…

Thank you to everyone that turned out for the CPSA Registered Sportrap competition today, and with lovely sunny weather for the bank holiday it was a welcome change from the dull wet and cold weather we have been having!

Congratulations to our class and colt category winners, but special mention to Mark Cobbold for posting the highest score of the day with a 94/100 (sadly as targets only though Mark…) – but great shooting nonetheless!

As always, thank you to all of our wonderful referees, we hope you enjoyed the nice sunny weather for a change today!

Our next sporting event is the CPSA Registered Sporting on the 23rd April 2023 (which is also the Suffolk CPSA Sporting Masters Championships), with the following competition being a CPSA Registered English Skeet on the 7th May 2023 (which is the Suffolk CPSA English Skeet Championships).

Full results and financial breakdown can be found by clicking here – Results