Please be aware that due to Covid-19 some of the answers to these FAQs may be different, to see what is happening in regards to this and the changes in place please visit our Covid-19 page. If you are still unsure please feel free to contact us.

  • I have my own gun, is there anything else I need to bring with me to shoot practice clays?

    If you are coming up to shoot our practice clays, you will need to ensure you bring your valid UK shotgun license. This will be asked for if you wish to buy cartridges, and we will occasionally do spot checks upon sign in, so please ensure you have it to hand.

    Ear and eye protection is mandatory for all shooters and spectators in the shooting areas. If you already own some please bring them with you, if not they are available to purchase from reception.

  • How do I find Eriswell Lodge?

    We are based on the side of the A1065 in between 5 ways round-about on the A11 and Brandon, and we have large signs on either side of our driveway.

    Our post code is IP27 9FB, but please check the location on your Satnav before setting off, some devices will try and take you off this main road into the village of Lakenheath and Eriswell. Please ignore your device if it tries to do this, continue on A1065 and we are just south of the RAF Lakenheath Main Gate on the opposite side of the road, inside the 40 MPH limit. If you do have any problems finding us please call us on 01638 534045.

    To view a map of our location, please visit our contact page.

  • Do I need to bring my shotgun license with me?

    We advise that you bring your license with you on every visit. Upon signing in for the first time you may be asked to produce your license to be checked, and it may be asked to be produced at any point upon signing in at other times.

    In order to purchase cartridges you MUST be able to produce your valid UK shotgun license. We will not accept photocopies, and it will be required upon every purchase. Sorry no exceptions.

  • I want to come and shoot or spectate at Eriswell Lodge. What safety equipment is required?

    To shoot at Eriswell Lodge all shooters are required to wear hearing and eye protection.
    You will also need to wear these not only when you are shooting, but also if you are in any shooting area.
    All spectators will also require hearing and eye protection in all shooting areas.

  • Can I use my own cartridges?

    You may use your own cartridges as long as they are no bigger than a 28g, 7 shot. We do allow both fibre and plastic wad cartridges. Due to our boundary meeting arable farmland we cannot allow any cartridges larger than this to be shot, in any gauge of gun. No game loads are allowed, and if you are found to be shooting them you will be asked to stop shooting immediately.

    We have a selection of cartridges available to buy from both Hull & Lyalvale Express, in 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauge. Other gauge cartridges are available to order in upon special request.

    (Please note that shot size gets bigger the smaller the number. We allow shot size 7-9, no 6.5s or below please.)

  • Am I allowed to use semi-auto or pump action shotguns?

    You are allowed to use both of those types of shotgun here at Eriswell Lodge, all we ask is that you follow the below guideline


    • You may only load and fire a maximum of 2 cartridges at any time. No matter how many your gun will load or hold in the magazine, we ask that there is only two in the gun at any time.
    • Please carry the gun either in a slip, or pointing up with the breach facing away from you open and flagged.
    • Please check before leaving every stand that the gun is empty, both the breach and the magazine.
    • Please take extra care when removing the gun from the slip to ensure it never points at anyone. Please also ensure the breach is open so everyone around you knows it is not loaded.

    Pump Action

    • Please make reception aware upon sign in if you intend to use a pump action shotgun.
    • You may only load and fire a maximum of 2 cartridges at any time. No matter how many your gun will load or hold in the magazine, we ask that there is only two in the gun at any time.
    • Please carry the gun either in a slip, or pointing up with the breach facing away form you open and flagged.
    • Please check before leaving each stand that the gun is entirely empty.
    • Please take extra care when removing the gun from the slip to ensure it never points at anyone. Please also ensure the breach is open so everyone around you knows it is not loaded.

    Please be aware that the use of ‘garden guns’ is not permitted.

  • Do you have an minimum age limit?

    The joy of clay shooting is that it is open to everyone, there is no legal age limit, as long as the child is strong enough to support the gun they are able to shoot. As long as they are supervised by a fully licensed adult.

    For lessons:
    All we ask is that all children have a parent/ guardian accompanying them throughout the session. And that they are big enough to support the gun on their own.
    We have smaller gauge shotguns and lighter weight cartridges available to ensure that they are able to enjoy it as much as possible and start smashing clays!

  • Do you have a voice release system available, if so what is it on?

    We have a voice release (acoustics) system available for both our DTL & ABT layouts on ranges 2, 3 & 4 as well as our new covered DTL layout it is an ‘all mics live system’, so you simply pop in your counter card, activate the system and call for the targets!

    All of our other traps do have solo delay options available, simply pop your counter card into the machine and press the ‘solo delay’ button. This will then give you a 3 second delay before sending the clay, with a beep on every second so you know when to expect the clay.

  • Do you have a 'solo delay' for if I come shooting on my own?

    Yes, all of our machines have a solo delay option, just select the button when you insert your card and you will get a 3 second delay.
    The machine will also beep at you each second so you will know when to expect it!

  • Do you have to be a member to shoot?

    No, we are a practice ground so we are open to all shooters during our opening hours.
    However by being a member there are benefits like; cheaper clays, tuition & buggy hire.

  • How can I join as a member?

    Membership can be purchased from our reception desk, if you would like a copy of our membership form in advance please pop us over an email and we will get one sent over to you.
    Our membership takes clays down to 34p each, and a reduction in the price of tuition and buggy hire.

    For more information please visit our Prices & Membership page.

  • Can I bring non-license holders to shoot with me?

    Yes as we are a Section 11(6) exemption ground you may bring non-license holders along to shoot with you. However upon sign you must write next to their name that you are supervising them as a license holder. You will therefore be responsible for them at all times during shooting.

  • Can I bring spectators?

    You may bring spectators with you, just please ensure that anyone out on the shooting ground with you also has eye and ear protection.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    Well behaved dogs are more than welcome at Eriswell Lodge however, we have one area of the café where they are allowed to sit in and we ask that you keep them on a lead and on the ground. If they misbehave in any way you will be asked to take them outside.

    We do ask that you only bring your dogs along if you intend to take them out with you on a lead, especially in hot weather. Please do not leave your dog in your vehicle.

  • Do you hire shotguns?

    We do, however we do ask that if you would like to hire one you call us at least 48 hours in advance so we can confirm with you that what you would like is available.
    Shotgun hire is £10 per hour per gun.
    You must bring your shotgun license with you.

  • I am visiting the UK/ I am from the US Military. How can I shoot?

    We happily welcome shooters who are visiting the UK from abroad to shoot at Eriswell Lodge. Due to the UK licensing laws you would need to go out with one of our instructors, so the booking of a 25 or 50 target experience or a lesson would be required.

    In order to book into one of these sessions please contact us or for further information see our tuition page.

  • Do I have to book lessons/ have-a-go sessions in advance?

    Yes, we do require booking in advance so we can ensure the instructors are available for you.
    Throughout the year we have periods which are exceptionally busy, so the earlier you can get a session booked in the easier it is to ensure the spot you want is available. This can be done by calling or emailing us with details of what you would like to book.

  • Do you have a lesson/ have-a-go cancellation policy?

    When a session is booked we now ask that a £25 deposit per person is taken to confirm the booking. If you cancel over 48 hours in advance then the deposit can be refunded to you, however if you cancel less than 48 hours in advance the deposit will be retained for the instructor. On the days we are closed you can still call and leave us a message, or email us and we will receive them.

    Clay shooting is an all weather sport, so come rain or shine all of our sessions will go ahead. Please dress appropriately for the weather on the day, and bring extra layers/ waterproofs with you just in case the weather does decide to change!
    If you have booked a session and the weather is sunny, then please wear footwear that covers your feet so no sandals or flip flops please. Also please ensure your shoulders are covered by your top.

  • Do you have anywhere to eat or sit inside on-site?

    We have an on-site café which serves a range of hot and cold food and drink. It is the perfect place to warm up with a cup of tea between shooting, or to grab an ice cream in the summer months! Please see our opening hours page for the cafe opening hours too.