Stuart Smith

Managing Director

“I started shooting as a teenager, but when I wasn’t instantly good at it I decided I didn’t like it – as most teenagers would! – but did came back to it again in my mid-twenties through a combination of factors and influences, with Dad being one of them!

Since my return to the sport I have enjoyed shooting at all levels of competition in several countries, and have even managed to achieve some successes along the way. I shoot multiple disciplines, but my favourites are by far and away the sporting ones. I enjoy game shooting as well as clay shooting, but would definitely say I’m a far better clay shot than game – that honour goes to Dad in the family!

Dad and I started Eriswell Lodge with the idea of providing a top class shooting facility with the shooters needs at the forefront of that, and hopefully with all of our development works you can see that we are working hard to deliver that. I enjoy being at Eriswell Lodge as I am surrounded by likeminded people that share my hobby and enthusiasm for the sport as a whole.”

Stuart shoots a Krieghoff K80 12 gauge, with Hull Cartridge’s Sovereign 28g 8’s, Pro Piston 28g 9’s, and Sovereign Parcour 28g 7’s as his chosen cartridges across all clay disciplines, and Driven Grouse 30g 6’s or High Pheasant Extreme 32g 5’s for game days.

Nigel Smith


“My Son Stuart and I opened Eriswell Lodge in April 2015. I have been shooting for a very long time, but I only took up competitive clay shooting about 12 years ago. However, I rarely get time to shoot these days as I am heavily involved in the on-going developments at Eriswell, including our new purpose-built clubhouse!”

Nigel shoots a Krieghoff K80 12 gauge, and his cartridges of choice are the Hull Pro One 28g 8 shot for clay, and 28g 5 1/2 Driven Grouse for all game.



Jon was bought up on his family farm, so has always had some knowledge of shooting. It is only since working at Eriswell he has taken up clay shooting as his hobby and now enjoys heading out with his Beretta on his days off to shoot registered sporting competitions and practice.

Jon shoots with a Beretta 686 White Onyx, and his cartridge of choice is the Hull Superfast 27g 7.5.



Growing up on a game shoot in rural Shropshire, Melissa first started shooting as soon as she was old enough to hold up the gun! At university she took up clay shooting, and since leaving has joined the Eriswell team and started to shoot competitively. She now proudly represents Suffolk in the county team. The shooting industry is her home, she loves the sport and the people.

Melissa shoots a Beretta DT10, and her cartridges of choice are the Hull Pro One 24g 7.5 & Pro Pistons 28g 9.

Karen K


Karen joined the Eriswell team in 2017, and works part-time on the reception desk. Since starting at Eriswell Lodge Karen has taken part in our Eriswell Lodge Ladies Shooting events, which she thoroughly enjoyed as a way to have-a-go at clay shooting within a group of like-minded ladies. She also loves to bring her nephews up for lessons! When Karen isn’t busy, she loves to spend time with her beautiful four-legged friend Amber the Labrador.



Country girl by heart, Rebecca grew up in Hertfordshire working between horses and hospitality. Rebecca moved to London to teach horse riding before moving to Suffolk to study psychology and criminology and has now joined the reception team. In Rebecca’s spare she likes to work with her dad on his motorbike and has a keen interest in motorsports. Rebecca has not shot yet but is keen to get started.

Karen S


A gamekeeper’s wife, Karen has been surrounded by shooting for the last 30 years. It is only since working at Eriswell Lodge that she has decided to take up the sport herself, and you can now find her out with ‘Rosey’ the Caeser Guerini on her days off!

Karen shoots a Caeser Guirini Syren Tempio, and her cartridge of choice is the Eriswell Lodge custom Hull load the EL1 24g 8.



Chrissie joined the Eriswell Lodge team when we were still in development. Helping to clear the ground, clad the skeet fields and get everything painted! Upon opening she became our full-time receptionist. After her maternity break she came back to join us again part time and now assists in all departments.



After moving back to the UK from New Zealand, Jasmine came to join the Eriswell Lodge team in the cafe on weekends. She is currently studying Drama at college, which she enjoys immensely and her course is due to finish later this year. Jasmine has not yet tried shooting, but would like to have a go in the future!



Richard grew up a farmer, so shooting was always a part of his life regularly shooting on the farm with friends and family. Richard has been part of Team Eriswell since the development stage, and continues now as Ground Manager who along with his team ensures the outside facilities stay to the highest possible standard.

Richard shoots a Browning 725, and his cartridge of choice is the Hull Comp X 28g 7.5.



James joined the team in 2018 to assist out on the ground with day to day needs. James has been involved in shooting for some time and enjoys shooting both clays and game on his days off. If you ever need help on the ground and you see James about, please feel free to stop and ask him any questions!

James shoots a Domino 12 gauge, and his cartridge of choice is the EL1 24g in 8 shot.



Callum joined the grounds team in 2017, helping out on weekends around his college studies. Since leaving education he has now joined the team full time! He thoroughly enjoys playing football in his spare time. Callum has not yet had a go at clay shooting, but is looking to book a session soon to see what it is all about!




Essex born, Liam moved to Suffolk this year to join the team. Liam has always had an interest in shooting and often goes out with his air rifle, but would like to have a go at clay shooting. In his spare time, Liam has a keen interest in football and plays for a local team. Liam comes from a gardening background, he is putting his knowledge from working with his dad at his family run business into the grounds team here.



Archy joined the Eriswell Lodge team in late 2018, to assist in the grounds department. His Grandfather has always been heavily involved in the clay shooting industry, and it is from this that Archy grew a passion for shooting, and has now been shooting competitions for the last 3 years. His preferred disciplines are FITASC and English Skeet, and he has represented Norfolk in numerous championships. In his other spare time Archy is also a keen boxer.

Archy shoots a Krieghoff K80, and his preferred cartridges are Gamebore 28g Steels and Hull Sovereigns in 28g 7.5 shot.




“Being bought up as a farmer’s daughter I have been around country pursuits all my life, but I never really had much of an interest in shooting. In 2015 my husband, Karl, bought me a coaching session for my birthday. I have been completely hooked ever since! I have been shooting my Blaser F16 intuition since May 2018, and I find the mix with Hull Cartridge’s Sporting 100 28g 7.5 shot to work really well. There are a million things I love about shooting, but peoples kindness and generosity when out shooting and being able to share it with my husband have to be two of my favourite.”



“My partner introduced me to the sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting in 2006, and what a mistake for him!! I was hooked straight away! I started with a Winchester 6500 and shot skeet for a year to learn how to stand and hold my gun correctly, and how to see the correct lead. I then moved up to shooting English Sporting.

In 2018 I decided to start my own business, Becky McKenzie Clay Shooting Coach.

My favourite Ground to practice on, is of course, Eriswell Lodge, and I can’t wait to see the finished article, The Clubhouse!!”

Becky has won multiple titles across all levels in several clay shooting disciplines, and joined Team Eriswell in 2018.

Becky shoots with a Krieghoff K80, and uses a RC4 Cartridges.



“My name is Henry and I’ve been shooting since I was 10 years old. I used to shoot a 20 Gauge, and in late 2018 on my 13th Birthday I moved to a 12 gauge. I have always been passionate about shooting and have done from an early age.

I used to concentrate on one discipline, but last year I shot many different disciplines. I feel very proud and privileged to shoot many disciplines in the Suffolk team. My proudest moment last year was when I helped to win the FITASC East Midlands Inter-Counties Junior title for Suffolk. I also won overall Junior High gun.

Since moving to a Beretta 692 12 Gauge, I have tried many cartridges but the one I like the most which I’m going to use this season is the Lyalvale Express Power Gold 24 grams.”



‘Hi I am Josh and I have a passion for clay shooting. I’ve been shooting competitions from around the age of 16, but I had never taken it seriously until Eriswell Lodge sponsored me. My biggest achievement this far is the great people within the sport that I have met, of which I am sure will be lifelong friends. As well as getting to shoot with the rest of the amazing Eriswell Lodge team.

I have had immense support from the team at EL, who are always willing to help me develop.

I shoot my trusty Beretta DT11, which I find paired with the Power Gold cartridges to be the perfect match.’