Set in 100 acres of beautiful countryside, Eriswell Lodge offers multiple shooting disciplines amongst stunning scenery. With over 20 separate sporting stands, including a training area, raised platforms, 4 skeet fields and various layouts, we have the facilities for every level of shooting.

It’s at the core of our family-run business and we want every beginner, intermediate, competition and casual shooter to feel at home here. You don’t have to be a member to shoot here, you can visit us on a ‘pay and play’ basis, for a special event, tuition or experience session – whatever works best for you!

1:1 tuition for beginner to intermediate shooters

World-class shooting grounds and facilities

No need for a membership, flexibility to suit you


Are you looking to try clay shooting for the first time? Or maybe to sharpen up your skills and feel more comfortable? Our clay shooting tuition and experience sessions are perfect for any age and ability as they can be completely tailored to you; talk to us about what you’d like to get out of your session and we can arrange it.

Available for individuals or groups, tuition includes clays, cartridges and dedicated time with a fully qualified, competent, insured (and of course friendly!) instructor teaching you the fundamentals to consistently get your shot on target. Get involved, get some practice in and build your skillset and confidence!

Book Your TuitionFrom £35 per hour

I was having some trouble improving my scores on skeet, so after a bit of research came across Stuart at Eriswell Lodge. From the very first session we have developed a great rapport, he has a clear and fantastic way of instructing and working with me to develop and refine my shooting. All the sessions are enjoyable, we have great fun whilst we’re out, and my scores are very much on the rise – repeated personal bests every time I go out! Cannot recommend Stuart enough if you are looking to get to that elusive 100 straight! Definitely 5 stars!

R. A.

Clay Shooting Tuition

First time visiting Eriswell Lodge today and it was faultless from start to finish. Received a gift card for a lesson with an instructor. Shaun was incredible knowledgeable about the sport, and was also patient with a new beginner. The lesson was fun, enjoyable and well worth the money spent. Had a really nice meal after to top off the experience.

B. Robinson

Clay Shooting Experience

Fantastic taster session at Eriswell lodge, very welcoming reception staff and a nice coffee too. I will be back.

S. Shotz

Clay Shooting Experience

As complete novices, a group of 5 persons between the ages of 21 to 63, we thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of tuition and shooting by instructor Shaun. Shaun’s patience and understanding gave us the drive to enjoy a new sport for us. Highly recommended!

D. de Witte

Clay Shooting Experience

Had a brilliant experience shooting here. The woman on the phone was very kind and helpful explained everything about the day. Shaun the instructor was very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about shooting. Had a lot of patience for my girlfriend on her first ever time. Gentlemen behind the till was kind as well- gave me a free hat coz it was my birthday. Would highly recommend

O. Boswell

Clay Shooting Experience


Everyone is welcome at Eriswell Lodge and, if you’re an avid clay shooter, our membership is perfect for you. At an annual fee, you are able to benefit from a range of discounted prices, our multiple shooting disciplines, and a friendly community of both shooters and team members.

Whether you’re under 16, over 60 or anything in between, we offer various membership packages to suit your needs. From a couple’s membership, a family membership and individual membership, you can take advantage of our quality grounds with an annual subscription. Visit our membership page for more details.

senior shooters

Every Thursday we have our Senior Shooters Special offer, which includes 50 clays, any regular sized hot drink, and meal choice from the special menu.

This offer is only open to those aged 65 and over, and identification may be required – please don’t be offended if we ask!

This offer is available at £23.95 per person, and may not be used on conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

This offer is exclusive of any cartridges or gun hire, please contact us for more information.


Download our events calendar to keep up to date with competitions

Frequently asked questions

Do You Offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes, gift vouchers are available from reception, or they can be purchased over the phone and posted to your address. They are available from a minimum of £10 to any value you wish and are valid for a full 12 months from the day you purchase them. Our gift cards can be used on an all-inclusive clay shooting experience session; lessons with our experienced team, items from our on-site shop; or practice clays!

Do I Need to Be a Member to Shoot or Use Your Clubhouse?

No, you do not need to be a member to visit us. Membership is available and it offers a discount on a range of our products and services, however everyone is welcome to join us. For more information, please visit our Membership page.

I Would Like to Join as a Member, How Do I Do This?

Membership can be purchased from our reception desk; if you would like a copy of our membership form in advance, please pop us over an email and we will get one sent over to you. Our membership reduces the price of clays, tuition and buggy hire!

For more information, please visit our Membership page.

Do I Need to Bring My Shotgun Licence with Me & Can I Bring Non-Shotgun Licence Holders with Me?

We advise that you bring your licence with you on every visit. Upon signing in for the first time, you may be asked to produce your licence to be checked, and you may be asked to produce it at any point upon signing in at other times.

To purchase cartridges, you MUST be able to produce your valid UK shotgun licence. We will not accept photocopies, and it will be required upon every purchase. Sorry, no exceptions.

You may bring non-shotgun licence holders with you to shoot as we have a section 11(6) exemption. However, you will be taking responsibility for them at all times whilst on our ground.

Do I Need to Book Practice Clays?

You do not need to pre-book practice clays, however, if you would like to shoot a specific area of the ground, please contact us and we will be able to check availability for you. To check our upcoming events, please see our calendar.

What Safety Equipment Do I Need?

All shooters will need to always wear both ear and eye protection whilst in the shooting areas. We also advise that everyone wears hats whilst on the ground.

Spectators are welcome to come with you; they will need to ensure they are also wearing both hearing and eye protection at all times.

Am I Allowed to Use a Semi-auto or Pump-Action Shotgun?

You are allowed to use both of those types of shotguns here at Eriswell Lodge, all we ask is that you follow the below guidelines:


  • You may only load and fire a maximum of 2 cartridges at any time. No matter how many your gun will load or hold in the magazine, we ask that there is only two in the gun at any time.
  • Please carry the gun either in a slip or pointing up with the breach facing away from you open and flagged.
  • Please check before leaving every stand that the gun is empty – both the breach and the magazine.
  • Please take extra care when removing the gun from the slip to ensure it never points at anyone. Please also ensure the breach is open, so everyone around you knows it is not loaded.

If your Semi-automatic is listed on your Firearm Certificate and does not have the condition listed where it can be used for clay shooting as a part of “Practical Shotgun” shooting, it may not be used at Eriswell Lodge as it is classed as a Firearm and not a Shotgun. Please contact us if you would like further information on this subject.

Pump Action

  • Please make reception aware upon sign in if you intend to use a pump action shotgun.
  • You may only load and fire a maximum of 2 cartridges at any time. No matter how many your gun will load or hold in the magazine, we ask that there is only two in the gun at any time.
  • Please carry the gun either in a slip or pointing up with the breach facing away from you open and flagged.
  • Please check before leaving each stand that the gun is entirely empty.
  • Please take extra care when removing the gun from the slip to ensure it never points at anyone. Please also ensure the breach is open, so everyone around you knows it is not loaded.

Please be aware that the use of ‘garden guns’ is not permitted.

Can I Use My Own Cartridges?

You may bring along your own cartridges to use here, as long as they are no bigger than a 28g 7 shot (no game loads are allowed). We welcome both plastic and fibre wad.

Don’t worry if your cartridges are larger than this as we have a range of Hull, Gamebore, Lyalvale Express, Fiocchi and B&P cartridges available to purchase from reception.

Do You Hire Shotguns?

Shotguns are available to hire, however they must be booked in advance so we can ensure availability. Shotguns are £10 each per hour to hire and you must bring a valid UK shotgun licence with you.

Do You Have a Solo-Delay Option on Your Machines?

Yes, we do have a solo-delay option on all of our machines; to activate, simply press the button on the control unit where you place your card. This will then give you three seconds before it sends the clay.

We also have voice-activation available on our DTL and ABT layouts.

Is There Any Important Information I Should Know About Lessons or Experience Sessions?

Experience sessions and lessons will need to be booked in advance and are secured by paying a £25 per person deposit. We do also have a 48 hour cancellation policy (unless otherwise stated at the time of your booking) and, if you cancel within this time, your deposit will be retained.

You do not need to have your own shotgun licence to book either of these as our instructors have them and are there to supervise you. All we ask is that you are not a prohibited person under the Firearms Act, and that you will agree to our shooter’s agreement.

We do advise that you dress for the weather, with sturdy footwear and shoulders covered, as our sessions will go ahead in all weather.

Do You Have a Minimum Age Limit?

The joy of clay shooting is that it is open to everyone – there is no legal age limit, as long as the child is strong enough to support the gun they are able to shoot and they are supervised by a fully licenced adult.

For lessons, all we ask is that all children have a parent/guardian accompanying them throughout the session and that they are big enough to support the gun on their own. We have smaller gauge shotguns and lighter weight cartridges available to ensure that they are able to enjoy it as much as possible and start smashing clays!

I Am Visiting the UK/I Am From the US Military. How Can I Shoot?

We happily welcome shooters who are visiting the UK from abroad to shoot at Eriswell Lodge. Due to the UK licencing laws, you would need to go out with one of our instructors, so the booking of a 25 or 50 target experience or a lesson would be required.

In order to book into one of these sessions, please contact us or, for further information, see our Clay Shooting page.